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Somerset County

Where Heritage Meets Horizon

Welcome To Somerset County

Embrace the serene sophistication of Somerset County, a locale where historic charm blends seamlessly with contemporary living. Known for its idyllic landscapes and spirited towns, Somerset’s tapestry is woven with threads of tradition and progress.

Sal’s Selections

Property Panorama

• Median Home Sales Price: Approximately $460,000
• Housing Harmony: Classic colonial estates stand alongside sleek, new constructions.

Strategic Spot

• Central Locale: Favorable position with easy routes to New York and Philadelphia.
• Scholastic Stronghold: Distinguished for high-ranking public and private schools, shaping bright futures.

Sal’s Signatures

Green Getaways: Escape to the Somerset Hills or the expansive Duke Farms.
Epicurean Excursions: A food lover’s delight with a variety of farm-to-table experiences.

Community Chronicles

• Historical Heartland: Colonial heritage sites, like the historic Pluckemin Village, tell tales of America’s beginnings.
• Prosperous and Poised: Noted for its thriving pharmaceutical and biotech industries set amidst pastoral beauty.

Sal Bua brings you closer to the allure of Somerset County, where every transaction is a step towards living in a community that’s as invested in its roots as it is in its growth.


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