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Hunterdon County

Rural Refinement, Boundless Beauty

Welcome To Hunterdon County

Delight in the bucolic charm of Hunterdon County, where rural sophistication meets panoramic beauty. This county is a sanctuary for those who seek tranquility without sacrificing the conveniences of modern living.

Sal’s Showcase

Estate Elegance

• Median Home Sales Price: Around $390,000
• Architectural Array: From historic farmhouses to modern retreats, diversity in living is the standard.

Geographic Gem

• Scenic Routes: Flanked by the Delaware River, enjoy picturesque drives through covered bridges and rolling hills.
• Access and Serenity: Proximity to major cities while offering a peaceful countryside lifestyle.

Sal’s Suggestions

Vineyard Ventures: Indulge in local wine tours and tastings.
Outdoor Oasis: Revel in outdoor activities at Round Valley Reservoir.

Community Character

• Cultural Harmony: A vibrant arts scene intersects with agricultural fairs and markets.
• Preservation Pride: Committed to conserving its extensive natural and historical resources.

Sal Bua’s intimate knowledge of Hunterdon County’s real estate market makes him your premier guide to discovering the serene landscapes and stately homes of this captivating county.


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