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Middlesex County

Crossroads of Innovation and Tradition

Welcome To Middlesex County

Discover the dynamic balance of progressive industry and rich history in Middlesex County, where the future is written by those who value the lessons of the past. It’s a hub of cultural diversity and economic growth, all nestled in the heart of the Garden State.

Sal’s Showcase

Property Profiles

• Median Home Sales Price: Around $350,000
• Architectural Variety: From historic homes to modern developments, there’s a style for every taste.

Connectivity and Convenience

• Strategic Location: Robust transportation network for easy access to New York City and Philadelphia.
• Educational Excellence: Home to Rutgers University, fostering a vibrant, educated community.

Sal’s Spotlight Selections

Recreational Retreats: Donaldson Park for family picnics, or the tranquil Roosevelt Park.
Culinary Corners: Destination for food enthusiasts with a mosaic of global cuisines.

Community Canvas

• Thriving Arts Scene: Enjoy a play at the State Theatre or an exhibit at the Zimmerli Art Museum.
• Economic Engine: A powerhouse of pharmaceutical, technology, and research firms driving innovation.

Sal Bua’s expertise brings clients closer to the pulse of Middlesex County, where every property is more than a home—it’s part of a dynamic, forward-moving community.

2018 05 21 14 54 52 View North Along Middlesex County Route 527 (easton Avenue) At Little Albany Street Wall Street In New Brunswick, Middlesex County, New Jersey

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