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Somerset County

Where Heritage Meets Horizon​

Welcome To Somerset County

Somerset County Overview

Embrace the serene sophistication of Somerset County, a locale where historic charm blends seamlessly with contemporary living. Known for its idyllic landscapes and spirited towns, Somerset’s tapestry is woven with threads of tradition and progress.

Property Panorama

• Median Home Sales Price: Approximately $460,000
• Housing Harmony: Classic colonial estates stand alongside sleek, new constructions.

Strategic Spot

• Central Locale: Favorable position with easy routes to New York and Philadelphia.
• Scholastic Stronghold: Distinguished for high-ranking public and private schools, shaping bright futures.

Sal Recommends

Green Getaways: Escape to the Somerset Hills or the expansive Duke Farms.
Epicurean Excursions: A food lover’s delight with a variety of farm-to-table experiences.

Community Chronicles

• Historical Heartland: Colonial heritage sites, like the historic Pluckemin Village, tell tales of America’s beginnings.
• Prosperous and Poised: Noted for its thriving pharmaceutical and biotech industries set amidst pastoral beauty.

Sal Bua brings you closer to the allure of Somerset County, where every transaction is a step towards living in a community that’s as invested in its roots as it is in its growth.


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