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Gloucester County

Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow​

Welcome To Gloucester County

Gloucester County

Nestled between urban excitement and rural tranquility, Gloucester County is a tapestry of historic towns and modern suburbs. It’s where past legacies harmonize with future promises, making it an enchanting locale to call home.

Housing Highlights

• Median Home Sales Price: Around $230,000
• Property Mix: Historic homes, new developments, and everything in between.

Prime Positioning

• Commuter’s Dream: Effortless travel to Philadelphia and Camden.
• Agritourism Appeal: Wineries and farms that offer a taste of local flavors and fun.

Sal Recommends

Gastronomic Gems: Savor the homemade flavors in local dineries and fresh produce from farmers’ markets.
Recreation and Events: Seasonal festivals and community events that celebrate local culture and camaraderie.

Community Characteristics

• Educational Assets: A variety of schools with community-centered education.
• Preservation & Progress: A commitment to maintaining historical sites while fostering economic growth.

Allow Sal Bua to navigate you through the real estate possibilities in Gloucester County, where every address is a blend of historical charm and modern-day amenities.

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