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Camden County

Urban Vibrance, Suburban Grace​

Welcome To Camden County

Camden County Overview

Camden County boasts a blend of lively urban spots and serene suburban locales. Here, the vibrancy of city culture and the tranquility of suburban life coexist, offering residents the best of both worlds.

Residential Diversity

• Median Home Sales Price: Approximately $220,000
• Living Options: A spectrum from cozy suburban homes to chic urban apartments.

Strategic Locale

• Urban Connectivity: Quick access to Philadelphia’s metropolitan amenities.
• Green Spaces Galore: Abundant parks and recreational areas enrich the community fabric.

Sal Recommends

Culinary Delights: Explore an array of dining experiences, from waterfront eateries to trendy bistros.
Cultural Corners: Visit the Camden Waterfront for entertainment and the arts.

Community Connects

• Educational Enrichment: A wide selection of schools, including Rutgers University–Camden.
• Historical Heart: Rich in American history, the county is dotted with historical sites and monuments.

With Sal Bua’s experienced guidance and personal insights, delve into the dynamic real estate opportunities that Camden County offers, where every neighborhood tells a story.

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